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Mining, Quarries and Aggregates

We offer the whole spectrum of geospatial mapping and analytics solutions tailored specific to the needs of mining, quarries and aggregate businesses. Our solutions support your business from the initial land surveying, to mine building and extraction right through to the decommission and the end-of-life of a mine.

We offer end-to-end drone mapping, 3D modelling and analytics for complete site surveys, regular inventory management, stockpile volume calculations and traffic management.
The Uhurunet team can manage drone mapping, analytics and visualisation projects end-to-end and also take care of any sourcing and licensing of equipment and any permits.
Our AI powered data analytics can help you detect any change in land surfaces, to build digital footprints, improve the compensation process and reducing any disputes with local communities.
Our drones and sensors can measure stockpiles, pit angles and changes in movement on land, to measure production volumes, improve the production process, reduce wastage while increasing safety for your staff.. They can withstand the most rugged terrain and tough weather conditions to ensure your business never stops
Our Cloud computing capabilities and secure servers enable you to store and process your data securely and make the most use of your business intelligence


If precision technology drove the farming revolution of recent years, monitoring crops from the sky using drones will drive the next, as agronomists, agricultural engineers and farmers turn to UAVs (or UAS) to gain better crop insights and more accurately plan and manage their operations.

Crop Monitoring
Our drones equipped with the multispectral sensors provide a holistic view of a crop's growth, enabling ag professionals to quickly and precisely identify issues, and better target the
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Soil Assessment
The number of application for drone derived digital surface and terrain models is virtually limitless- from importing the drom DSMs into CAD to build virtual models, to using a drone's orthomosaics to define boundaries or employing drone-derived DTMs to simulate flooding
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Plant Emergence & Population
Professional like agronomists are increasingly employing drone data to better understand which plants emerge, their population and spacing metrics. This information can then drive replanting decisions, thinning and pruning activity, which in turn improves crop models.
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High resolution drone data allows ag professionals to assess the vigour of crops at different stages of growth, allowing teams to apply just the right rates of fertiliser, reduce wastage and optimise crop heath and production.
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On-demand, high-resolution drone data is perfect for capturing and accurately reporting events that lead to economic loss, such as crop injury, destruction and reduced health, providing a detailed digital record that can drive a more efficient adjustment process
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Irrigation & Drainage
In addition to crop-specific activities such as health monitoring, drones equipped with RGB and/or thermal infrared cameras suit the planning and troubleshooting of irrigation systems, helping professionals to manage their water across an operation
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Harvest Planning
Drone data, collected at critical growth stages throughout the growing season, can help agronomists and ag engineers to improve their models, predictions and planning. THe result is that teams can better anticipate both a harvests quality and final yield.
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Engineering & Construction

Our drone mapping enables you to monitor your site’s progress, measure cut and fill volumes, inspect any infrastructure for maintenance or to generate accurate 3D building models.

Earthworks (engineering)

Drones are increasingly being deployed to speed up and improve the accuracy of cut and fill measurements. This allows for more effective tracking of quantities and cost control. Drones are increasingly being deployed to speed up and improve the accuracy of cut.

Asset Inspection

The inspection of infrastructure such as bridges, dams, industrial structures and buildings has traditionally been expensive and time consuming. Our drones provide a uniquely efficient and safe method of inspecting such sites.

Inspection of linear assets

Our Drones are well suited to the mapping and inspection of linear assets, which are notably difficult to monitor, such as pipelines, power lines, rail routes and waterways. Inspection with our Drones is significantly quicker and more efficient than via traditional surveying methods.