Who We Are

We are on a mission to innovate, create and leverage technology for good of the African continent.
We live in a connected digital world, where things such as IoT, drones and big data are not just the domain of the west and/or wealthy. We have already seen Africa embrace the high tech world, even leading the way in areas such as mobile money. We here at Uhurunet believe that with imagination, innovation and hard work Africa can be a world leader in both the application and creation of many of the technologies of the future.

Our mission

To leverage technology and innovation for the development and benefit of Africa and its people.

Our vision

A world where Africa is an equal and fair beneficiary of its own resources and can take full advantage of technological advancements being made across the world.

The team

Frederick Mbuya

Managing Director
Experienced Director Of Information Technology with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry across Europe and Africa. His attention to detail starts with a deep understanding of a range of technology options coupled with the commercial implications of each. Frederick always achieves high standards for himself and through systematic training is able to being these to his team and others he works wit. Strong information technology professional skilled in Databases, Management, Big Data, Linux, and Training. Over the past 7 years heavily involved in drones and other disruptive technologies.

Andrea Blindenbacher

Drone Advisor
Educated in both environment/health sciences and GIS/remote sensing Andrea brings invaluable industry knowledge. Driven by curiosity and the urge to know more in each field surrounding the drone industry, she ventured into flying RC planes, starting a private pilot license, and deep dive into photography. These skills lead to fulfilling various positions within senseFly, the main being global head of training, but also, product management, quality assurance, client satisfaction, marketing, and sales were part of my role. As an adisor to Uhurunet she brings in all these skills. Andrea is also president of Drones for Earth, where she shares her skills for a better world.

Said Salim

Lead Pilot
As a young Zanzibari, Said represents the future of Tanzania and Africa as a whole. At only 23 he has already been involved some ground breaking work at Uhurunet, from the mapping of parts of Mafia for both development and environmental control, to the use of drone for the detection of unexploded ordinace on the Tanzania, Uganda border.