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Power your business with fast and accurate business intelligence using our best-in-class drone data aquisition and processing service, coupled with our world class ICT services. Uhurunet, your local drone and ICT partner with global expertise.

We assess.

Our team of experts analyzes your needs and designs the best solution to address your business needs

We execute.

Our fleet of drones, qualified pilots, data and ICT experts execute.

We empower.

We deliver to you the information/data/analysis that is critical to you,visualisation and AI enhanced data analysis capabilities enable your staff to identify untapped opportunities within your business to unlock further value.

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Why work with us?

We provide turnkey solutions, and are with you at every stage of the project, leveraging our large network of partners both local and international. This helps to ensure your operations run reliably and efficiently, making savings to your bottom line.

We have been operating in Tanzania and East Africa since our inception in 2007. We know the East African market, the regulations and ways of working to get any job done well and fast. Being on the ground means your budget gets spent on the actual project, lowering production costs.

Our team of experts have a lot of experience in arranging permits and sourcing and importing all required technology, to avoid costly business delays that impact your bottom line. 

We partner with the most reputable and up-to-date hardware and software providers on the market, giving us the ability to select the right tool for your specific use case; be it our fleet of multirotors for the inspection and creation of digital twins of your cell towers, the routine survey of your mine stockpiles or the monitoring and management of your critical server infrastructure. Rest assured, we have the right tool for the job.


Case Studies

Land Survey Mining Sector Tanzania

Tower Asset Inventory Telco Sector Tanzania

Land Survey Public Sector Monrovia

Search for Mines and other Unexploded Ordinace. Oil and Gas Sector Tanzania