Our ICT consultancy and services concentrate on backend infrastructure issues such as data security, data backup, disaster recovery, infrastructure design and implementation.

We design and implement systems to ensure business continuity, reliability and scalability.

In today's world where we are increasingly reliant on IT systems and data, how secure are your IT systems and the data they hold? Your data is at risk of human error, unforeseen disasters and even malicious attack. How would your business continue if tomorrow morning you came in and all your data was gone?

The money you will spend on backup and ICT services is a fraction of what you will pay if you don't. Having over 20 years industry experience centring on IT infrastructure design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring, gives us the wealth of knowledge and experience required to insure your data and systems so you don't have to worry about it.


Our Mission

To deliver reliable suit for purpose IT solutions tailor made to the requirements of our clients.

After a flash flood that saw our whole server go underwater, Uhurunet’s solid data backup services ensured that we were able to recover our data built up over four years. The result was zero data loss, and good access to all data within a few days.
— Rakesh Rajani, TWAWEZA, www.twaweza.org

Core Services

  • IT Infrastructure, design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance.
  • IT Infrastructure security review and hardening.
  • On-site data backup.
  • Off-site data backup.
  • Off-site data continuous replication.
  • Issue/Tracking/Ticketing systems.
  • Inventory systems.